Methods by future_bizz

Networking, focuses, platforms

Focus on three work areas
  • Creation of “Foresight & Future Studies” for gaining future knowledge and identifying relevant trends and developments.

  • Development of business ideas and value creation models within the scope of “Business Creation and Transformation” projects.
  • Regular exchange on methods, processes and organizational development issues in the area of innovation management and new business development to build and increase “Innovation Excellence”.

Projects, workshops, and use of Social Media
  • Projects for developing the future_bizz knowledge bases in strategic areas of innovation
  • Update workshops and social media groups for the continuous maintainance of strategic areas of innovation
  • Topic-based workshops for developing methodical knowledge and provinding first access to new topics
  • Focal projects and cocreation workshops on topics selected by future_bizz members including professional advise and support
  • Networking via Social Media

4 steps towards forward-thinking business ideas

Future_bizz projects follow four successive steps, which are reference models for a front-end of innovation process. They are recursevely passed through.

The concrete design and array depends on the objectives and degrees of maturity of projects. Methods used in the reference models are continuously developed by future_bizz, checked for usability and implemented via standard procedures and tools.

The precompetitive findings from the projects are evaluated jointly by the members and used as basis for the development of new business ideas in the members’ companies and organizations.


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