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Almost exactly ten years ago, we in the future_bizz network created the scenario study “Future Living”. It was on the matter of how our lives will be look like in Europe in 2030. Today, a decade later, it unfortunately seems to turn out that the study predicted actual developments quite well. The question is now: […]

Organizations must be-come more agile – but how?

The last article in our series “Navigating Complexity” discusses the question: How might we best translate insights gained through strategic navigation tools into sustainable growth and business success? One key element of an answer is ‘Agile Organizations’. But what does this mean for companies? And which paths lead to agility? Which obstacles have to be […]

Framing the Future – Which Instruments are at our disposal?

The previous articles in our series “Navigating Complexity” discussed the essence of changes and options for action in our VUCA world. This issue will present instruments, which help to make complexities and interrelations of forces of chances more transparent, and thus enable developing powerful frameworks of the future. As a result urgent needs to act, […]

Do we need clearly defined innovation processes? And what should they look like?

Many companies do not distinguish sufficiently between innovation processes and product development processes, such as pre-development. As a result, they limit their capability to innovate as well as their future-viability while at the same time generating internal conflicts. In this article, we would like to point out the importance of clearly defined and tailor-made innovation […]