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Instant Payment is coming in 2018 – will it pay off?

On January 13, 2018, the EU’s revised directive on payment services,  PSD2 , will come into effect. It entails an obligation for banks to make available Instant Payments – i.e. payments in real time – throughout Europe. Money must transferred within 10 seconds and 365/24/7. But what does this mean for financial institutions, retailers, consumers and […]

Megatrend interconnectivity: the consequences for companies

Interconnectivity is increasingly impacting businesses and consumers at various levels. The spectrum of possibilities ranges from connected products, production processess and facilities to the interconnection of people in all professional and private environments. The project “Digital Living” helps gain a comprehensive overview of developments and consequences for companies. They are discussed and illuminated from different […]

Project “Technical Textiles”

Technical textiles are materials with special technical and functional properties and that meet precisely defined specific requirements. Although aesthetic and decorative features do not play a relevant role here, an increasing number of products provide a combination of functional and decorative properties. The spectrum of characteristics, benefits and applications includes: Improved strength, performance or other […]

Working Worlds 2030

Our working world is undergoing a dramatic change. Here, drivers are, among others, technological development and social change. In various projects, future_bizz has dealt with this development and created images of the workplace of the future. The project “Working Worlds 2030” identified impulses for the development of innovative business ideas and the creation of future […]

Future images 2020

In a series of projects, we shed a light on the trend area of digital living from different angles. Our starting point were two scenario studies on how people will live and work in 2020 / 2030. In subsequent working steps, we examined this topic in a more detailed and increasingly differentiated manner. Among others, […]

“Care”: Exploring innovation potential for new business areas

Redefining “Care” opens up untapped innovation potential and growth areas for many industries, going far beyond health, care and wellness. “Care” is changing our working world the specific needs of highly diversified age groups. Furthermore, it is changing our requirements on essential goods and products as well as on our living environments. “Care” has a […]

‘Digital living – what companies need to prepare for

The digital world is changing the way customers research, order and pay for products and services – as well as how they give feedback on their “customer journey”. These increased possibilities lead to growing demands on services and products. Consequently, companies have to adjust their business models and respond to the developments. Over the next […]