Entries by Michael Riedemann

Innovation communication

When it comes to the implementation of innovative business ideas, innovators in companies repeatedly struggle against invisible barriers. Innovation communication helps to significantly increase the success rate of innovations. This is not about advertising, but about communicating new ideas, concepts and options for action. Innovations lead to change processes that are initiated and supported by […]

Innovation excellence

Successful innovation requires innovation excellence as the ability to develop and implement new ideas. Innovation excellence requires organisational skills, but also includes the innovation culture as well as methods, technologies and tools.future_bizz supports organisational development and helps with the use of methods and tools.

Cooperative value creation

More and more often, new business ideas can no longer be realized by companies on their own. They require forms of cooperation and collaboration that go far beyond development partnerships and the acquisition of knowledge. future_bizz brings companies together in projects across industries and supports the development of cooperative value creation systems from the very […]

Future knowledge and innovation strategies

In the “VUCA-World” it is becoming increasingly difficult for managers and companies to control external and internal influencing factors, to guarantee the security of strategic and operational decision-making processes, as well as to provide the necessary resources, competencies and skills. In order to remain capable of action and to enable sustainable growth, we need navigation […]